Electronic Design

S3 has strong capabilities and domain knowledge to provide design and validation services, and solutions to support product engineering requirement in electronic and mechanical engineering. Various phases of Product Life Cycle (PLC) are supported through expertise in technologies and processes developed for new product designs, verification & validation and system solutions. We design most things you will need to get a prototype into the market, whether it is a printed circuit board, embedded software or a mechanical assembly.

We have experience in many areas and access to many clever minds should the need arise.

S3 Electronic Design Services Layers

Our Vertical Expertise:

  •   Storage Systems
  •   Industrial Wireless
  •   Consumer Electronics
  •   Multimedia Systems
  •   Medical Handheld Device Design
  •   Electronic design services
  •   PCB design
  •   Electronic design solutions

In an era of razor-thin margins, finicky customers, and fierce competition, the ability to gain real-time insights and any and all competitive advantage has been the strategic goal of savvy forward-looking organizations in recent years.

Our past exposure to successfully tackle the challenge of collecting and mining big data leaves us undaunted by the same challenge facing organizations today. We offer core experts that help clients harness and analyze data, aiding them to deliver greater value and relevance to their customers.

Hadoop and a supporting ecosystem of complementing technologies, building blocks, and implementation frameworks today provide one of the most powerful, mature, and compelling answers to problems in this domain. The true power of the Hadoop stack lies in it being a complete solution, covering the entire life cycle needs of applications including data collection, web scale storage, data curation and organization, massively parallel processing, statistical and analytical tooling, integrative, visualization, and reporting tooling. All of this made possible at costs that make sense in today’s highly constrained economic environment.

S3 provides Hadoop users with visual development tools and big data analytics to easily prepare, model, visualize and explore data sets. From data preparation and configuration to predictive analytics, S3 covers the data lifecycle from end-to-end with a complete solution to your business intelligence needs.

Apache™ Hadoop® solutions for big data provide an open source, end-to-end scalable infrastructure that allows you to:

  •   Simultaneously store and process large datasets in a distributed environment—across servers and storage—for extensive, structured and unstructured data mining and analysis
  •   Meet service level agreements (SLAs) while accommodating a wide range of analytic, exploration, query and transformation workloads
  •   Tailor and deploy validated reference architectures

Platform Expertise:

Data aggregation and storage:

  •   Distributed log processing: Flume, Scribe, and Chukwa
  •   NoSQL databases: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, and Neo4j
  •   Raw distributed storage: HDFS, Amazon S3, Azure Storage, and Walrus

Parallel processing:

  •   Hadoop core: Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Hadoop, and Amazon EMR
  •   Coordination infrastructure: Apache ZooKeeper
  •   Workflow frameworks: Cascading and Ooziee

Analytics and data visualization:

  •   ETL solutions
  •   Data warehousing: Sqoop, Hive, PentaHo, SSRS, Cognos, and Qlikview
  •   Ad hoc query: Pig and Hive
  •   Analytic databases: Netezza, Vertica, and Greenplum

Machine learning: Apache Mahout

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