Delivering software of the highest quality for managing business applications is of paramount importance for enterprise IT and product engineering groups (ISV). Simply delivering near zero defects is not the game anymore. Highly optimized Software Testing Solutions improve quality, reliability, and help organizations achieve faster time to market.

At S3, we are evolving the industrialization mindset of the past decade to intelligence for the digital era—raising the bar on testing productivity and speed while delivering higher quality applications at lower cost.

Today, IT budgets continue to be limited. Technology too is getting more complex. Add in the new realties—social, mobility, analytics and cloud—that are fundamentally changing how companies do business. In summary, organizations globally are looking for new ways to improve quality and speed and lower cost while managing their digital transformation. This is especially true when they spend as much as 12 percent of the annual IT budget fixing core application problems.

S3 thinks differently about application testing—more innovatively and holistically. Our decades of experience delivering leading, end-to-end testing services have taught us that, by adopting industrialized processes and infusing intelligence into delivery, organizations can reduce operation costs and improve application stability. And we go one step further. We work with them to improve testing productivity through predictive analytics, automation and industry specialization to drive quality throughout their application lifecycle.

With an intelligent approach to application testing we help organizations reduce critical defects by 90 percent, improve productivity by up to 50 percent and cut test operation costs in half.