Device Drivers

S3 has been providing value added services to its customers in device driver domain for a multitude of processors, windows and embedded platforms like Linux, Windows Embedded XP, CE, and many other Real-Time Operating Systems.

Our professional approach means we hit the ground running, work independently, and deliver a well tested product that will meet your requirements on time, the first time.

Our domain expertise in the following areas

  •   Device driver development and porting
  •   Android HAL development and porting
  •   Audio Driver base on Intel Chipset
  •   Driver for a custom PCI serial I/O card for equipment
  •   Android based porting on ARM, MIPS and custom architectures
  •   Supporting multiple platforms in a single code base
  •   Custom BSP development, testing and maintenance services
  •   Custom API development
  •   USB Device Drivers on Windows Vista/XP/NT/2K/ Windows CE.
  •   64 Bit Drivers & 16 Bit – 32 Bit Driver Migration
  •   Audio, video, storage, connectivity, buses, wireless and UI peripheral integration

Our clients appreciate the straight forward, business-like methods we use to develop drivers designed to make your product perform to the potential you envisioned. We also provide the benefit of a wide range of experience with hardware, firmware and application software which allows us to contribute valuable insights.

Drivers are mission critical software that must be stable and reliable. Rely on an expert for driver development.

Using Kernel level programming, we develop high tech device drivers for embedded solutions. The technology allows us to make low level hardware drivers for small devices based on Win32, Win64, Win CE and embedded platform.

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